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We are a community of men organized in circles across Europe. Our focus is awakening our masculine power and healing our feminine side. Practicing practices for energetic cleansing, building strength and reconnecting with nature.

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Do you understand, that you not your body nor your mind?

And I

Learn that your body is precious, that your heart is precious and that every breath you take is precious. True power comes from within!


Can't someone else just do it? – NO!!

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48 years
Connect with your nature and let the sun shine from your heart

When I'm by the fire with the men in the forest, I feel the connection to my innermost self, to the men in the circle, to all people. I also connect with the forest, the fire, the spirits.


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Abhay Oyun, the traveling Oyun, for over 30 years I have been traveling around the world helping the beings on earth. I dedicate my time to raising awareness of humanity, the protection of animals and plants. I have placed myself in the service of a higher power for the benefit of creation.
Through the contact with me, these men have a deeper access to themselves and what surrounds them, and are now also dedicating their time to the ascension of humanity. One expression of this are the men's circles.

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